The Greenbrier River is the longest free flowing river in the Eastern US,  No dams or flow control ! Saying that, the river levels can go from wade-able to flood stage with severe weather events such as snow thaw, hurricanes and severe thunderstorms.

All sections paddling estimates are based on Spring and Early Summer flows (April-June) As the season progresses into July, August, September, October the Greenbrier River is UN-FLOATABLE on most sections. In the event the East coast has a hurricane event, the river will rise and MAY be floatable and may be dangerous—consult us before planning your river trip.

These reasons are why we love the Greenbrier River so much…the rise and fall of water levels uncovers so much character and most importantly, drags MUCH FOOD into the water for smallmouth to forage on. Below are some suggested sections that we float. Water levels determine which section we will fish on any given time of the year and even any given day. Greenbrier River is that dynamic!

Renick to Anthony

Mostly Class II water with small rapids. Very scenic and remote. There is one Class III rapid (Tumble Rock) located three miles above the Anthony Bridge. April and May are the best months to run this section.

  • Length in River Miles 10
  • Paddling Time4 hrs.
Anthony to Caldwell

Class II-III water and during the spring months some rapids to run. On this trip the river starts to broaden and has much more volume. April and May are the ideal months to float this section when the current is swift and large haystacks appear.   Length in River Miles 13

Caldwell to Ronceverte Island Park

All Class II water. Whitcomb Rapid is located under the C&O Railroad Bridge. During April and May this rapid can run to Class II. Near the Island Park a rock dam stretches across the entire width of the river. This is a great family or beginners’ canoe trip, but may not be available during the summer months.  Length in River Miles 6

Ronceverte Island Park to Fort Spring

This is a great family or beginners’ trip. Class II water with mild excitement. Very scenic with several small rapids.

Length in River Miles 8.5

Fort Spring to Greenbrier River Campground

Class II water. This section will challenge your paddling skills, make your heart beat faster, and give you a feeling of accomplishment. This is our most popular trip and it will give you a sample of the best rapids on the river.

Length in River Miles 2.5

Greenbrier River Campground to Alderson

Class II & III water and during the spring season Class III. This trip during the spring is for the experienced canoeist looking for excitement. Rapids are technical and fast running. This is a very popular trip and gives you something to brag about.  Length in River Miles 5

Alderson to Pence Springs

Class II water with small rapids. Flat pools and nice scenery. We don’t have a take-out location in Pence Springs, but can arrange private shuttles for this section if you have permission to use a take-out location.  Length in River Miles 8.5

Pence Springs to Talcott Bridge

Class II water with small rapids, flat pools and nice scenery. Very enjoyable section of the river. Great for all levels of skill. This is not one of our standard trips, but we can arrange private shuttles for this section.  Length in River Miles 4.5