Greenbrier River

     Draining the Western slope of the Great Eastern Divide into Pocahontas, Greenbrier and Summers Counties of West Virginia, The Greenbrier River is the largest tributary of the mighty New River. One of the longest free-flowing, non-impeded rivers in the East, the Greenbrier is a busy, user friendly Smallmouth bass gem.

     With water levels driven totally by rainfall and cave drainage, this river is usually warmed and ready to fish by mid April and flows remain dependable until mid July/early August, under normal circumstances. Late Summer storms and a Fall hurricane or two, extends the season in our favor. The rising and falling of the water levels also serves to stir up bait fish and other food deposits, making things interesting enough to keep anglers anxious and actively pursuing Greenbrier bass well into Fall. During low water periods when floating is impeded, cycling and wading methods are employed via use of Greenbrier River Trail, which parallels the river for 78 miles between Cass, WV and North Caldwell, WV near White Sulphur Springs.  


Characteristics of Greenbrier River:

·         Reasonably easy access

·         Remote floatable sections

·         Varied wildlife sightings

·         Ease of floatability

·         Ability to cover much of the major channel by two fishermen

·         Good for all ages

·         Good fish production in the 10″-16″ range

·         Good for all forms of water recreation

Sections  of Greenbrier River we fish

All rates include, full day lunch, necessary equipment and transportation


James River

     Beginning in Clifton Forge, Va. and formed by the confluence of the Jackson and Cowpasture Rivers, The James River flows steadily East toward Chesapeake Bay draining much of Southern Virginia in the process. Our trips on the James are focused on sections of upper river near Iron Gate, Va. And as far downstream as Lexington, Va.

     Moderate flows and gradual gradient changes, deep pools, medium width and major fish cover highlights the James fishing experience. Because of the increased volume of water, the fish catches tend to be larger and more abundant, on average, than Greenbrier fish. Although the access tends to be more difficult, the experience seems worth the effort. With adequate, dependable flow throughout the typical year, James River is fishable most anytime of year. Spring flows usually create a stained tint due to discharge from a sizeable pulp mill upstream, however we have rarely found that this has affected fishing activity. A Virginia fishing license is required for James River trips.  

Characteristics of James River:

  • Good channel depth & width
  • Catches of 14″-16″fish
  • Variety of wildlife viewing
  • Great structure & habitat
  • Good for spin & fly fishing modes
  • Typically accesses are a bit unfriendly

Sections of the James River we fish

All rates include, full day lunch, necessary equipment and transportation


New River

  Lauded nationally as one of the finest smallmouth bass fisheries in the country, the New has lived up to it’s reputation time and again. Considered a high volume river, the New is wide and deep. We have found the best flows for fishing to be those of mid-Summer to late Fall. Referred to as “old reliable” by veteran whitewater outfitters, New has literally four seasons of fishing. With some whitewater on the “upper New” the gradient changes are primarily ledge drops, creating much oxygenated water and impeccable cover for the “biggens”. Access tends to be good, but due to the length of most sections, coupled with the better than average fishing action, be careful that you don’t fish “too hard too early” or you may just spend the night….like it or not. With multiple whitewater sections and some “sketchy” ledge drops riddled with midstream boulders, the New is best negotiated from an inflatable when fishing…Rafts, catamarans, and dories. This river boasts catches in the 5&6 pound range for smallies and huge catfish as well as other species of gamefish. Make no mistake, the New River is the Super Bowl for smallmouth bass fishing in West Virginia and the East as well.

Characteristics of the New River:

  • Many big fish
  • Fishing action
  • Impeccable scenery
  • Remote and wild
  • Dependable flow
  • Technical shelf drops
  • Best wildlife viewing

New River in WV Hinton-Thurmond

All rates include, full day lunch, necessary equipment and transportation

 Greenbrier River Citation Smallmouth


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