The Greenbrier River Trail


Greenbrier River Trail MAP

      This Rails to Trails conversion is a classic, designated one of 50 Millenium Legacy Trails by the White House Millenium Council and U.S. Department of Transportation. The 78 miles of trail, which follows the Greenbrier River to Cass was constructed by mule and hand labor over 100 years ago to transport timber from Pocahontas and Randolph counties. The “GRT” is now a West Virginia State Park. Serving as a recreational trail since 1980, it has been acclaimed by several national outdoor recreation publications for it’s accessibility and multiple use characteristics. With an elevation change of less than 1% over the entire 78 miles, it is great for children, seniors and bike packing trips of up to 3 days.

      Combine an overnight stay in the railroad towns of Cass or Durbin and add the 27 mile West Fork Trail in Northern Pocahontas County to your checklist of great trail rides.

      This may be the only place in “The Mountain State” where you’ll find over 100 miles of flat terrain for your off road cycling pleasure!!

“It’s flat, how hard could it be?”

      Beware if your spouse or friends approach you with these pickup lines:

  • “It’s just a flat trail, it couldn’t be that hard”
  • “C’mon, go to West Virginia with me there’s a flat trail there that we can conquer this weekend. Knock the dust off of your road bike and let’s road trip! ”
  • “The people we spoke with about this trail said that it was flat! You don’t need to be in good shape to ride a flat trail, go with us and let’ s have some fun. We’ll carry the cooler and you can just ride!”


      Yes, it is a flat trail, less than 1% grade change for 78 miles. But, we did say 78 miles! Over the past 7-10 years, recreation use on the Greenbrier River Trail has steadily increased, and for good reason! The multiple use characteristics make it attractive for fisherman, cyclists, backpackers, xc skiiers, nature lovers, birdwatchers, fundraisers, events, horseback riders and exercise users.

      The Greenbrier River Trail is a desirable recreation destination, it is truly a vacation waiting to happen! However, as with any intentional exposure to the great outdoors, you must put some thought into your preparation methods and equipment considerations. Outlined below are some considerations regarding acceptable to ideal equipment types, timing and pace suggestions, mileage chunks, essentials of packing, terrain, physical preparedness and logistics, to assist you with making your outing on the Greenbrier River Trail enjoyable.       Our sincere hope is that you will pre-prepare yourself accordingly in order to focus all of your thoughts and energy toward enjoying the beautiful natural surroundings on the trail and the company of good friends. We think The Greenbrier River Trail is as unique and different an outdoor experience that exists anywhere. Available to all levels of skill, age, interest and ability. Please adequately prepare yourself.